Founded in 1965
Benefits of our service
We are a company with over 40 years of impeccable service, in which we have collected and recovered for our customers rights and benefits that seemed impossible to recover.

We are so sure of our success in our management of clients problems that we can outline some of the benefits of our services versus employing a lawyer independently.
Our company Independent lawyer
The company makes a comprehensive search of all property recoverable at no cost to the client with.

N no advance required, the fee payment is only made once the contract is successfully completed.

our company manages or liquidates assets taking into account all the legal aspects.

An independent lawyer cannot undertake this type of work because they have no experience or practice in bringing the transactions to fruition.

An independent lawyer will require an advance of fees and expenses of at least fifty percent

An independent lawyer will not make himself responsible in person to carry out the procedure to liquidate securities even though he has received all the documentation required.

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